Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Post Blitz #2 - My First...

...night without Mom and Dad.

That's right, Kathy and I did the unthinkable with our daughter; we went somewhere without our little girl.

You did what, Mommy and Daddy?

You see, every year Kathy and I get invited to be models at the Mid-American Emmy Award ceremony downtown. This stems from Kathy's stint as the multimedia designer for the local public television station; the HQ for the Mid-American Emmy's is in the same building, and she was asked to volunteer once and I got involved the next year. It's actually a lot of fun; we get dressed up super fancy, get valet parking, a good meal, and we get to rub elbows with television personalities. Not that you would know any of them, since they're not national personalities, but if you live in the Missouri-Southern Illinois-Arkansas-Kansas area, you might know some of them. Also, the hostess this year was Ellie Kemper, a St. Louis native (friend of a friend, even) and known as Erin, the receptionist on The Office. Also, we get to hold more Emmy's on the stage than any of the winners, with the possible exception of Mike Bush who wins practically every third award.

That's not what you wanted to read about though. You wanted to read about Juliette.

So, before we set out on this evening of baby-free socializing, we decided that while we were going to be dressed up, we might as well dress Jules up and hand the camera to my mother before leaving Juliette in her care.

So Elegant...

I know that I look super snazzy in my brand new three piece suit, so you don't have to compliment me. And can you believe that Kathy just had a baby two months ago? She looks absolutely stunning and was getting compliments all night. But, again, we might as well be wearing sweat suits and bags over our heads. So here's another picture of Juliette without Kathy and I to distract you.

Distraction-free cuteness

Anyway, so while mom and dad were out, Granny and Poppy took good care of our little Jules. She even took a bottle, something which I have been having a lot of trouble getting her to do.

Poppy has the touch, though this picture was taken on a different day.

And when Kathy and I arrived back at my parents' house, exhausted and ready to take our little girl back home and get her into her own bed, she was asleep and, we were promised, had been no trouble at all. Which gave us a great idea.

Next week, Kathy and I will be taking an entire month off, leaving Juliette with my parents. Hope Granny and Poppy are ready!

For those who want proof that we met a celebrity, here are some pictures:

Not Pictured: Ellie's mother, who fixed my collar later

This was after it was discovered that Ellie's dress was somewhat...see-through with a camera flash

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