Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've Become One of Them...

Yeah, all my non-parent readers; you know what I'm talking about. I remember people like me. Or rather, I remember when I was like you and I would meet people like the person I am now.

Two years ago, this would be indicative of the small talk that I would partake in during my daily life:

Me: Nice day, huh?

Person with whom interaction is unavoidable: Yeah, you bet. Nice to finally get a stop to the rain.

Me: Yeah, hope it holds off this weekend, I haven't cut the grass since June 6th.

Person: Yeah, but it's only the ninth.

Me: I meant of 2006.

Person: Ha. I know what you mean. That'll be eighteen dollars. Cash or check?

Me: Check. Who do I make it out to?

Person: The name of the store is fine.

Me: Okay. "Awesome Store For People With No Kids Who Can Still Have Fun R Us." Thanks! Take care!

Person: Have a good one!

Sometimes, I'd get involved with these kinds of conversations:

Me: Little bit wet out today.

Person: I know. Just this morning, I was getting my kids ready to go out for the day, and one of them asked me if rain was the Angels spilling their sippy cups. Oh, I just laughed and laughed!

Me: Ha. Kids sure can be cute.

Person: I know! Here, I'm not even going to ask, I'm just going to show you six hundred identical pictures of my kids!

Me: Ah, cute. Cute...cute...cute...also cute...and cute...and who do I...cute...make the...cute...check...cute...out to...cute...?

Person: This one just learned how to tie his brother's shoes together so that his brother would fall down when he tried to walk! So funny!

But lately, I find my conversations going more like this:

Person: What a gorgeous day? Do you think it'll stay nice, or do you think it'll get really hot again?


I was reflecting on that today when somebody with whom I was having one of these conversations made the following remark: "Well, somebody sure is a proud father..."

Only, it didn't sound nice. It sounded snarky, like she would rather not have been subjected to the one single picture I showed her of my baby, and that she didn't care to hear that this morning Juliette bit half a Cheerio in half and then offered me the uneaten half for breakfast, since I was running late and had to skip mine. Come on, lady, this might be your future president; don't you take comfort in the fact that she already knows how to share what she has with those less fortunate? Geez.

So, readers, I have become one of them. And I guess you already knew that since I have a blog about it which you are reading at this moment. But just know that if I ever become overbearing with my gushingly effusive love for my daughter, it's only because having a child flips some switch in your brain that turns you into a kind of raving lunatic. You may know what I mean some day.

To all of my readers, have you encountered this? Those of you with children, have you experienced someone else's complete indifference to your child-driven insanity? Those of you without children, has anyone ever driven you to insanity in this way? Let me know.

And now, I leave you with a picture of Juliette, and a promise for a new post tomorrow concerning pictures. Trust me, you'll want to stay tuned for that one!

Juliette 6/25/2011, St. Louis Bread Co, Yogurt Mustache.

Monday, June 27, 2011

What Happened to May?

May went by in a blaze of being too busy, growing too much, and having too much fun.

Also, I've been neglecting all of my blogging duties something terrible for about two months or so, and it stops NOW.

I'd give you all a run down of what has happened in the last two months if I could remember everything, but I can't so I won't. But some highlights:

Jules had her 9 month check-up and it went great. She weighed 17 pounds, 10 ounces, which put her in the 30th percentile for weight. Not exactly awesome, but we have to remember that she has my genes, and I weighed 127 pounds when I graduated from high school ten years ago but stood at six foot three. And speaking of height, she came in at 27 1/2 inches, average height for a girl her age. Though, shortly after the check-up, I can assure you she gained a pound or two and then grew a couple inches.

Mother's Day came and went, with Jules treating Kathy to a little bit of sleeping in, followed by dinner at Granny and Poppy's that evening. That little girl sure loves her momma.

June started, and with it came a little bit of a jump in the mobility of our little girl. She doesn't crawl in the traditional sense: she more army crawls, which seems to be more efficient. Anyway, she's not so much into crawling as she's into pulling herself up and standing, something which for about a week made going to bed incredibly difficult. Turns out, since she found out she could do it, and realized it was easy to do in the crib, she wanted to do it all the time, but didn't know how to get back down without falling at first, so, that was a week of going in and helping her back down, soothing her, etc. She's over it now.

We went to the Botanical Gardens and took family pictures of ourselves and of our friends Beth and Joel and their 6 month old Garrett. We also met with Stephanie and Anthony, new friends who have a beautiful little girl named Allie. Jules had fun playing with both of them and, while I am unsure about that Garrett character and want to know just what his intention are with my daughter, I know we'll be seeing more of them soon.

Father's Day came, and Jules got me a great gift: a pair of $25 Groupons to The Book House, with the stipulation that I spend some of that on books I can read to her. And while I maintain that in fact I can read Jennifer Eagan's A Visit From the Goon Squad to her, certain themes and motifs and words within the book itself have raised the question should I read it to her, so I'll be going back soon to pick up some good children's books.

I promise, more frequent posts in the future. I wish I had a slew of pictures to share with you. And it must be my lucky day, because I actually do have such a slew!

Jules getting ready for a road trip

Easter Sunday in NE

9 Months old and that hair just sticks straight up

She Pinned Me. Again.

Jules and her friend Naomi at the Zoo

The Penguins Were, Apparently, Awesome

Mother's Day Morning, after Momma got up.

This is the wrapping paper Jules "designed" for Granny's present.

Pre-pulling herself up.


Jules' first donut.

Cuteness Factor 10.8

Jules loves curry chicken w/Chickpeas, lentils and rice

Walking through Forest Park

Auntie Angela at Bark in the Park

Chillin' with her feet up on a stroll

Not content just looking at art, Juliette poses for a picture which is now considered a postmodern statement on the modernist interpretation of classical art.

One of the best parts of spring is eating outside!

Auntie Heather's hat looks good, eh?

Spending time with Granny and Ma (Great Grandma McGrath).

She figured out the sippy cup. Next up, blogger, then world domination.

Also, standing has been figured out.

This hat is even bigger than the last one!

Jules and Daddy sliding at the Childrens' Garden at the Botanical Gardens

Ten month pictures at Mo Bot

More Mo Bot

And More Mo Bot

Family Pictures at Mo Bot!

Blazing through nap time.

This is our photo essay about how babies flirt, starring Juliette and Garrett.

She first notices him playing on the ground.

He approaches her, and she remains aloof.

Their hands touch.

He caresses her hair (NOTE: at this point, I was about to show him my non-existent shotgun collection).

He steals her hair bow.

He tries to explain to her how it works, to show he's smart.

They hold hands, and smile.

Just like Daddy, she likes to sit up in bed.

They were playing Hide and Seek.

Juliette won.


Ah, there. That's better. How sweet is this, by the way?