Monday, November 7, 2011

We Went to Blue Grass, Iowa, And Then...

This happened.

Then this.

Also, this bit of fun with her cousin Kaitlyn.

Blitz: Halloween

For Halloween this year, we had two costumes. The Saturday before we went to visit Juliette's Great-Grandma, who is recovering from heart surgery.

Ma, Granny and Jules
Ma has missed us while she was recovering in the hospital. But now that she's in the rehab center, visiting is much easier.

After visiting Ma, we went to Boo in the Zoo and met our friends Stephanie and Anthony, and their little girl Allie. We had fun checking out the animals and the other kids in costumes.

I Caught a Wild Pumpkin!
Stephanie, Butterfly Allie, Sheep Jules and Kathy.
And just to show you how much she prepared for her role, check this out:

On actual Halloween, we scrambled because we forgot to wash the sheep costume! She got it dirty playing with Allie, and it wasn't until Monday that we remembered it. Oops!

That's okay, though. We had a pseudo back-up.

Note Halloween Themed Socks
Presenting [a rather thirsty] Piglet!

Oh, yeah. Jules prefers drinking water out of one of these. It is clearly far superior to any sippy cup available. Sitting on Daddy's nightstand? Must be hers! And just before she takes a drink? "Num num num."

Seriously. Cute.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Jules is walking all over her Uncle Dave's living room in Iowa. Video when we return to StL.