Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Baptism, Part Two: More Pics Please

I am aware that the amount of pictures of the baptism were less-than-satisfying for you, my reader. So I scrambled and called my mother and asked her if she could send me some of the pictures from her camera, and she obliged, and here we are. More pictures!

First up, a better look at the gown.

She was rather calm at this point
Next up, here's Jess holding Juliette before the baptism.

"Auntie Jess, can you get me out of this gown?"
Jess and Maureen seemed to really enjoy the s'mores.

"How can I have some more if I haven't had any?" "You're killin' me, Smalls."
And Jules got to cuddle with Granny.

And after these pictures came through the e-mail, we discovered something.

Kathy, 1981

Juliette, 2010


  1. I also sent a photo of Jules crying in the gown... I'm wondering why you didn't post that one, eh?? Also, for the record, there were a couple of fabulous ones of Juliette cuddling up to her Mommy. Thanks for the blitz!

  2. Oh yeah, and where's the picture of the heavens smiling down on all of us????

    (you were wondering why I sent that one, weren't you?)