Saturday, September 11, 2010

Soon, She'll Be Driving and Bringing Home Boys...

Juliette was only six pounds three ounces and nineteen and three-fourths inches when she was born. We had her wearing premie clothes and disposable newborn diapers. We were fine with the clothes (Kathy comes from a large and generous family, I think we have enough clothes for Juliette to last until she's six without repeating an outfit) but the diaper thing caught us a bit off guard. It's not like we were expecting our child to come out and say, "Excuse me, which way to the rest room?" while doing one of those cute little kid "gotta go gotta go gotta go" dances. We planned on using cloth diapers. But we ran into a problem with our little girl.

She was too little for the cloth diapers we bought. I don't mean just a little too small; we could have laid one down and used it as a mattress practically. So we had to break into our small emergency stash of newborn disposables. Fortunately, the hospital provided us with a few days' worth and we had a box of them as well. And when those were done...she still wasn't big enough for the cloth ones.

So, out to the store to buy more newborn ones. And when those were gone, we were still at a loss. She was a little too big for the newborn size now, but still not quite big enough for the cloth ones. Our neighbor was very nice and gave us a present when we got home of size one disposables. Hooray for stop-gap measures, eh? Well, we ran out of those on Thursday night.

Lucky for us, Juliette is now big enough to wear them. She gained half a pound and grew half an inch each week in her first month (I sure hope that slows down, or else by the time she's five we're gonna need a conversion van just to get her to the doctor's office). So the first diaper change in the wee hours of the morning on Friday was a momentous one.

We've got Juliette wearing The BumGenius One Size cloth diapers. They're pretty nice, actually. We bought these specifically because, though they are more expensive per diaper than the sized ones (to say nothing of the disposable ones), it's likely we won't have to buy any more diapers between now and when she's out of them. They're adjustable, so they'll grow with her. Check the website for more info about them; they're cool. And, money-wise, they'll actually save us cash in the long run. And sure there's no doubt that the disposables are convenient (they are, for more than just the ability to toss them out; one of these BumGenius diapers takes up as much space in a bag as three disposables), but we're environmentally conscious folks over here at La Casa de StL Hipster Dad. And no, I don't know any Spanish at all, so feel free to criticize.

Anyway, Juliette seems to like them, and they're certainly more colorful than the disposables, so in addition to being a good eco-friendly citizen already, she's also stylish. No problems there!

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