Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Social Butterfly

Yes, I'm talking about my daughter.

In addition to the Art Fair on Friday, on Saturday we went to a trivia night with some friends. Juliette, per her usual out-and-about behavior, slept almost completely through it. She did have to eat at one point, so Kathy took her into a quiet corner and, using her awesome reverse-superhero cape, nursed her while the rest of us at the table got our trivia on. For the record, we came in 16th out of 40, so that's respectable. Certainly, we could have done better, but we could have done much worse.

But then, of course, we got home, and Juliette was all about the "I'ma be cranky and pretend like I want to eat but I'm not gonna eat and I'm gonna be sleepy without falling asleep" behavior, you know, to contrast her sleeping through a crowded room of trivia nighting. What.The.Crap? Oh well, that's babies for you.

Sunday morning we went to my parents' house for breakfast, so that my mother and father (Granny and Poppy) could get their grandparenting on. Not that they don't already have good grandparent skills, but it had been a week since either of them had seen Jules and my mother in particular was getting antsy.

Also, my father had a new toy to show me. It's white, curvy, semi-hollow and six stringed. Pretty nice, though actually not his. He's a high school music teacher, and he brought it home over the weekend because it's expensive and he feels safer with it in reach. That way, he can continue to make sure, all weekend, that it is in good working order and still able to be shredded upon.

After that, we came home and just hung out, then did some shopping (getting some Space Bags to put all of Juliette's clothes into, since she is too little to wear quite a bit of it yet). So we were out until about 8 or so...and then Juliette started fussing. And kept fussing when we got home. Until late.

Monday was actually a low key day. But still the fussing. Why all the fussing?

So last night I got a phone call on my way home from work. It was Kathy, and I could hear Juliette burbling in the background.

K: Hey, are you off work yet?

E: Yes, on my way home now.

K: What do you want from Bread Co?

E: Umm...what?

K: I've been at Jess' all day, and we're having dinner here. B's picking up dinner so we need to know what you want. Also, get some cash so we can pay B back.

E: All day?

Yes, it's true. Kathy left our house around noon-thirty and went to hang out with our buddy Jess, who was involved in a car accident over the weekend. For the record, she's okay; she was sitting shotgun in her friend's van when they ran into a pick'emup truck. She's got bruises and is sore, but she's fine. So we ate dinner with Jess and B, until B had to go home and clean her place. We left after that and came home. And Juliette fussed and fussed and fussed...but then we finally got her calmed down and laid her down on the bed. Kathy went to do some design work (she does graphic design and is doing a little light work for her office while on maternity leave) and I laid in bed next to our daughter for two hours.

She really is the sweetest thing. And while there was some fussing about later, not as bad as the previous few nights.

I guess the fussing is just a part of the babyness of Juliette. Some day she'll grow out of the fussiness and into toddlerness, but for now, I'm content.

She really is awesome.


So, this morning, I really really didn't want to leave the house. But I knew I had to, so I snapped this picture to have her with me all day:

Taken with my iPhone 9/15/10

Too sweet.

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  1. Okay the tag, "Social Skillz" was the coolest thing ever. I love her.