Sunday, September 12, 2010

Let's Get Some Culture, Get Me Some of That!

Friday night, Kathy, Juliette and I went to the St. Louis Art Fair in Clayton. This is a tradition we've gotten used to, so why would we let a five week old baby stop us from attending? Actually, a friend of ours works at Aegis, which has its office in Downtown Clayton, and every year they throw a party during the art fair. So we attend for the free drinks, free food and company.

So this year, we brought Juliette, and she slept through the whole thing. We parked a couple blocks away in my office's parking lot, walked through the throngs past a multitude of art booths, up to Aegis, and the girl just slept. People staring at her, asking what her name is, how old she is, telling us how beautiful she is (and she is), and

That's not really too bad. She does that. Pretty much all she does these days is sleep, eat, poop, repeat, etc. And I understand, I mean, she's, you know, a baby. Babies tend to do those things and little else for a while after birth. I just think that it's nice to start her on the culture early. You know, art fair at five weeks, maybe the symphony at two months, an opera in the first six months, a Neal LaBute play on her first birthday, maybe the next time The Decemberists come to town we could check it out. I may have to clear some of this with Kathy first.

There is, however, a tragedy that took place on our Art Fair Outing; we didn't get any pictures. Kathy even made sure the battery for her point and shoot digital was charged and, guess what? It stayed in the diaper bag the whole time. What were we thinking?


[Insert Photo of Myself and My Daughter at the Art Fair in front of some Kinetic Sculptures]

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