Friday, April 29, 2011

In 'n Out Day

Today was a special day for our family, but it was also a hard day.

Readers of my writing blog may know that last year, before Juliette arrived, our family had to say goodbye to our feline friend Acrodyl. Don't ask about the name, it's a long story. Sufficed to say, he was a great cat to our family and an unmitigated terror to the rest of humanity. So last year, on April 28th, we decided that rather than chance him attacking a baby he was afraid of, we'd have him put down. It was the right decision, we know, but that didn't make it any easier. I hated that day more than anything that happened last year.

So I knew that this year, April 28th would be tough. And it was; not a day has gone by that I don't miss his goodnight cuddles, his morning routine of relentlessly knocking stuff off my nightstand until I fed him, the way he kneaded my shoes when I'd get home, his loud bedtime purrs, the way he cared for his younger sister Amethyst. It was a cold winter, and we missed his warm body on the bed. So of course today was hard.

But, Juliette's early arrival had an amazing effect today, 38 weeks after the day she was born.

Kathy carried Jules to the 38th week mark exactly, meaning that today, 38 weeks later, is Juliette's "In 'n Out" Day!

No Elliot, that's NOT what we mean.
The In 'n Out Day celebrates the day when we've had Jules in our arms as long as she was in utero. After today, all we get are days numbered beyond those days of anticipation and worrisome fretting. And it's amazing that this milestone fell on today. It made this day much easier to bear.

I will admit to crying today. I was driving home and listening to the new Fleet Foxes album and remembering Acrodyl's little foibles (the cute ones stand out a lot more than the bad ones a year later, which is the way I wanted it) and I got choked up. I immediately, upon walking into the house, gathered the entire family (Amethyst included) into a big group cuddle.

Speaking of Amethyst, she's kind of the greatest cat ever. As much as I know she misses having another cat around, she's absolutely wonderful with Juliette and it makes me happy to know that every time they interact, I don't have to worry about Amethyst doing something terrible to Juliette. Not that we just let them play willy-nilly while Kathy and I down bottles of wine, I mean, we keep an eye on things, but so far, regardless of how much Jules might at times grab at tufts of fur or pull on Amethyst's tail, the cat just takes it or walks away.

What, you want proof, and also you want to see Juliette because you don't come to this blog to see five year old pictures of me stuffing my face with fast food?

Okay, here you go.


  1. Love the vid - what a nice kitty!

  2. ...made me all misty eyed.