Monday, March 14, 2011


Tonight, as Kathy and I were heading into the dining room for dinner, Kathy was holding Juliette and I walked beside them. Jules started babbling, as she often does. "Ba brrr nng brrrrrrrr." And then she looked at me, giggled, rocked back and forth, and opened her mouth again.

"Da da da da da dadda dadda dadda dadda."

And my heart melted. But, you know, the good kind of melting, not the kind where you have to call the hospital.

It's a bit of a stretch to say that she's said her first word, I think. But maybe. Just maybe.

We tried to get video of it, but she won't do it when the camera is on. Seriously, we tried to take video of her and it wasn't until we turned the camera off that she started again. So we turned it back on, and she stopped until it was off again. But believe me. It happened. Ask Kathy.

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  1. awesome!!! However, from a mother perspective, it's really not fair that they get the "d" sound before the "m" sound.