Monday, February 7, 2011

Conditions Were A Little Windy

This past weekend we took our second road Chicago!

We went to visit our friends Heather and Drew*, who live in a totally swank Loft Condo with which I fall in love every time we visit. I think Juliette liked it, too.

High Ceilings, view of downtown, within walking distance of two grocery stores and a hardware store!
We took a trip to the Shedd Aquarium.

She wanted to look at the fish, which were amazing.

She's so happy to not be looking at fish. Woo hoo.
I want to touch it, but it looks as big as me...
She eventually got a little tuckered out and had to take a nap. But we wanted to keep going.

I guess my gentle walking kept her happily asleep for forty-five minutes.
We saw some amazing things while she was out...

Drew had to keep telling me that the Dolphins were not playing in the Super Bowl.
Jules fell asleep watching minnows and woke up to a Beluga. Her reaction? "Whoa...that thing got big while I was out..."
After the aquarium, we took a longer nap back at the loft, then went out to dinner. Jules slept through dinner. At a crowded pizza place. Girl sleeps like a champ.

Juliette got a great gift: a big hardcover edition of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It came with something awesome!

Jules loved the caterpillar almost as much as she loved Heather
Kathy found a great use for the caterpillar on the way home.

A Very Comfy Neck Pillow
Juliette had a great time hanging out with Heather and Drew.

Juliette may look like she's asleep, but that's only because she is asleep.
She didn't want to leave.

What? Just run home, get my bouncy seat, high chair, clothes and kitty and we can stay here, it'll be fun!
But then we showed her what winter in Chicago can be like.

That's...that's a lot of snow, guys. Maybe it's okay if we go back home.
*Drew's real name is Jules. Now, how could we ignore that? We totally turned it into a photo op.

Jules and Jules hang out at the Aquarium.
Thanks, Heather and Drew, for a good time!

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